Wednesday, March 22, 2006

y must i always write a title.........+___+

yea..this place seems to b in use only in the hols.
i tot i had smthg to say...but when i get here..its all gone~

still going to sch 3 times a wk for prac
can b fun though

hmmm....really afraid with the results...not out yet....tts the prob
the stone in ur heart which u cnt take out

wad am i doing here?

broke my cello string n was missing cnt wait any longer
went out to buy cello string n b'day present for my frend with my frenz yest
it was quite funny....we decided to get him a nike t-shirt but was a lil too we chose the design, saw the price n began calling ppl to ask if they wanna share....the sales guy was like waiting for us.....wahahaha spend $39 on one string..luckily it was the thinest frend bought 3 strings for $220...(comb. of thick n thin) yea...can b very costly if u wanna keep ur instrument in gd cond n all...
anyway....fixed the new string up n...I LOVE MY CELLO SO MUCH!!!!!

k....chwe-song hamneeda for writing so much crap
tot this pg is getting rusty
so came in to polish***hahaha

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!
i'm sorry this took so long to get posted with exams and all... :) our blog seems to be dying...alamak. guys pen down ur thoughts here le. we're here for one another! thru thick and thin! ok? must remember that.

here's jamie looking absolutely lovely. she's like ms Angel. good soft hearted and terribly sweet. :)

Blowing off her 19 candles... yummy chocolate cake p baked. i had a huge chunk of it. haha. thanks p. it was yummy. goes really well with milk. guess what? last i heard, jamie still has some of it in her fridge and she says it tastes super fudgy now... girl.

always loving our dear jamie... *hugs*

kk. it's the 2 month hols now. everyone let ur hair down. let's chill and be merry. :) let's go club also!!! and sing song. haha...yup. tc and see u guys soon- jen

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thanks guys!

cam on. terimakasai. kum sia. to chay. xie xie. arigato. thank you.

thank you so much guys for all the lovely presents! i really mean lovely. i like all of your presents a lot. thanks yy for the shell bracelet! i think it's really sweet. nature kind of thing i love! :) thanks ya. and jamie, the socks rock! pearlyn, the book is awersome! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

btw, before i forget. today i saw Elizabeth. p u saw me with her. i was asking her abt math learning corner, she says, the centre should have abt 12 activities. u can use your main activity in ur lesson plan and place it in the learning centre with other of your activites. yup. get it? if not can call me. :)

Good Luck guys. this thing like very big and lotsa projects we need to do.
let's set a dateline for the individual completion of reports for SYC, SF and CD2.2 ya.
*Remind me*

k. Enjoy the weekend! tc

Monday, January 02, 2006

My birthday wishes...

hey guys! hello!
haha... thanks for taking time to read this...
just some ideas on what to get for me that will surely make my day- haha

- Initial D DVD [love the driving skills shown on the movie. dam shioak!]
- Initial D collectibles. haha
- Narnia soundtrack [is it good? i heard a couple of songs inside. sounds gd]
- A CD with all my fav songs. [Jamie shld know my favs rite. always borrow ur MP3 :) hee.]
- socks! haha...latest craze. Samual & Kelvin has nice ones. or Nike but ex la.
- this speacial orange notebook from 'Cards & Such'. publisher MILK. cover has these 2 lovely old couple with their bottoms bare facing us.

*captions read: Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life. Jerome K.

haha... yup. thanks guys. see u tmr.
Jamie: tmr bring 'Heritage Tree' powerpt and science kit all done ya. also bring the SF notes me n p missing. ThAnKs! :)

REMINDER guys: this wed: submission of FP LA assignment
this thurs: CD 2.2 test
Good Luck guys!

PS: I passed my driving! haha. Cheers guys.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

my blog!

hey guys. just let u know, this is my personal blog so can read when u guys wanna know more abt ms lui... :)

yup. enjoy!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


pressies were.......errr.....*finding the most exact word*
u noe tt kind of sweetness tt goes to ur heart but will not toothache
wahaha^ =)
hmm....hope i made the right choices for the presents.....
hope u guys will like it.....
hope the snail is huggable*
hope the necklace make u look pretty prettier n sweeter*
hope the earings n bracelet bring u grace*


kk...Merry Christmas eberyone...may Santa fulfil all ur wishes*
Enjoy ur celebrations!

^ miss yy^

Friday, December 02, 2005

hey guys. something i find so true to my heart.
here's an interesting read for all singles like yy n jamie! :)
let's take our time to find Mr Right...

Unfolding To Others
The Journey Of Finding A Relationship

Before we embark upon the journey of finding the relationship that is right for us, we may want to take the opportunity to refine our concepts of who we are and what we want from life. That way, we are clearer on the kind of person we want to attract into our lives.

Part of the journey of finding a mate is learning how to become our own mate. When we can learn to meet our needs without relying on someone else to complete us, we don't have to form relationships from the space of needing our emptiness to be filled. We can also discover our intrinsic value, separate from what someone else might be reflecting back to us. Getting to know who we are and learning to love ourselves creates a solid foundation of self that we can bring to any relationship.

We are fortunate to live in a time when relationships can take on unique forms and unfold at a pace that is right for us. Friendship, dating, open relationships, long term relationships, long distance relationships, or committed relationships - we are free to choose the kind of relationships that we want.

If you want to be in relationship, but haven't found the right one for you, remember that the universe works in perfect order. Maybe all this time alone has been part of your preparation period for meeting your intended partner. Even the relationships in our lives that haven't worked out as we had hoped serve us by teaching us to make better choices in our next relationships.

Finding the relationship we want can come early or later in life. It may even happen again and again in one lifetime. There is no right or wrong for how to find a relationship nor is there a timeline that you have to follow.

Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, continue to become your own soul mate, and stay open to love. Remember that the journey of finding the right relationship begins with being in right relationship with yourself.

jen. the other single in the royal glammies club.